Sagar Polyclinic



As wellness and promoting health is our main philosophy, the Sagar Dental team is 100% committed to ensuring that your smile stays as beautiful as ever. Our highly skilled Dentist has good experience in both general as well as complex dental procedures. Be it a medical or cosmetic procedure, our team ensures that our patients receive the most advanced treatment while ensuring safety.


Dr Zainab

Dr Zainb Mohammed Khalifa Al Jabri


Educated and trained from the Oman Dental College, Dr Zainab has gained valuable experience in the field of Dentistry through her training and exposure at Oman Dental College. An avid learner, she keeps abreast with the latest developments and remains active in social work


Teeth Whitening
Bridges & Crowns
Root Canal Treatment
Smile Correction
General Dentistry – Fillings & Extractions