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Family Medicine

Family Medicine
Family Medicine

At Sagar, the department of Family Medicine boasts of highly experienced doctors who specialize in providing all-inclusive health care for people of all ages. Keeping in line with Sagar’s philosophy of wellness and promoting healthy life style, our highly skilled physicians and staff excel in providing personalized counseling on leading a healthy lifestyle.


dr Rodrigo amigo

Dr. Rodrigo B. Amigo Jr.

BSc., MD, Cert AvMed, Diploma - General Practitioner

He is a Board-Certified Physician of the Professional Regulatory Commission of Republic of the Philippines with special interest in Aesthetic / Cosmetic Medicine. He acquired the Doctor of Medicine Degree from St. Luke’s College of Medicine and trained at St. Luke’s Medical Centre in Quezon City, Philippines. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from University of Santo Thomas, Manila, Philippines. He holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine in Florida, USA. He holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Aviation Medicine and serves as a Designated Medical Examiner International Civil Aviation Organization certified by DME-ICAO from Singapore Aviation Academy and International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine, Singapore. He also served as a Professor in Physical therapy and Biological Sciences Department at The City College of Manila. He is a highly experienced General Physician with over 13 years of service in the Philippines and Oman.


Comprehensive medical advice and care
Wellness Check Up & Health education
Lifestyle modification
Family planning